Who we are

Forno artigianale

Cirigliano Forni was born in 1939 in Teggiano, in Campania, the region of Naples. With Domenico Cirigliano, the current owner, we are now in the third generation of craftsmen.

We have kept over time the "recipe" of the traditional ovens, but at the same time we have always kept ourselves up-to-date on construction techniques and materials, so that we can offer superior performance ovens that are particularly suitable for professional use. In fact, there are thousands of pizzerias in the world that use a Cirigliano oven.

Time and numbers are our guarantee of a product that manages to meet the most stringent specifications and expectations of the most demanding customers.

Last but not least, in 2016 it was a pleasure to be included in the Guinness of the Primates with a performance that confirms once again that those looking for robustness, stability, uniformity of cooking in structure and in time, great productivity, find in Cirigliano Forni a very tested solution, and proven by a remarkable sales success.

Cirigliano Forni srl - Via Impalizzata - 84039 Teggiano (SA) - Tel.: 0975 70452 - Email: info@ciriglianoforni.it
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