Why us – characteristics

Forni per pizzeria

- Cirigliano ovens, thanks to their solid construction - given especially by the one-block, highly insulated, metal inner structure reinforced dome - retain their characteristics and performance over time, in years, and through continuous and intense usage. Our ovens are a durable and profitable investment.

- A really log experience allow us to produce ovens for a fine-tuned cooking, with a fast and truble-free elimination of humidity, a wide and uniform distribution of heat on the baking surface, a high level of cleanliness.

- Accurate heat efficiency and insulation and high-quality materials allow very low consumption.

- The ovens are equipped with a practical and large shelf, as well as a thermometer on request.

- An insulating door is provided which, if necessary, allows the oven to shut completely, increasing the heat retention and thus reducing consumption.

- After years of work it isn’t necessary to replace the entire oven but only the cooking surface (the most weary part) can be changed while maintaining the dome.

- However, our refractory bricks are highly resistant to abrasion.

- The outside of the ovens can be customized in conjunction with the decor and the style of the room.

- The high level of insulation allows outside ovens not to overheat and to remain at ambient temperature.

- The baking surface is designed in such a way so to absorb heat and then release it gradually over time, so as to promote both a uniform cooking in the entire structure, and to maintain as constant a temperature as possible, avoiding thermic overhang.

Cirigliano: Pizzeria masonry ovens, professional, for traditional pizza, Neapolitan method, a great choice for homogenous cooking and no burns. Great stability and productivity. For more details please contact us.

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