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Over 70 years of experience serving who wants to make the best pizza. Cirigliano ovens are the solution adopted by thousands of pizzerias around the world to get the true Neapolitan pizza, thanks to the excellent uniformity of cooking, and to a remarkably stable structure which allows an extended professional use, for hours and hours. In support of this claim there’s not only the fact that some of the most prestigious pizzerias use our ovens, but also an eloquent world record: 5,836 pizzas in 12 hours in 5 ovens, that’s an average of 1,167 pizzas per oven in 12 hours! (Martina Franca, 2016 - certified and registered in the Guinness Book of Records).

What distinguishes us is rigor: careful controls and great precision in construction, as well as strict selection of materials. But also a great passion for making ovens that guarantees the survival and spread of the traditional pizza. Our characteristic dome oven is well known in Italy but it’s also widely used abroad, for example in the USA and even in China.

Our brick ovens, characterized by a particular solidity and compactness, hold well at temperatures of 300, 400 or even 500 degrees for prolonged periods, while allowing ideal cooking and a great profitability for pizzerias with a large number of seats. With regard to productivity and profitability, our range of products also includes rotating and gas ovens. In addition to the masonry ovens, we also produce steel ovens.

We make ovens of any size: 90 - 100 - 110 - 120 - 130 - 140 - 150 ... We customize the ovens according to the needs of space..

The baking surface is entirely made of refractory bricks. Under the base there’s a special insulating material, which allows a balanced heating of breads and pizzas, with a homogeneous cooking of both the upper and lower parts...

Our ovens keep their performances even after long periods of inactivity.

Forno napoletano
Forno a legna

We customize the look of the oven with mosaic or other tecniques, and we offer a wide choice of motifs and colors.

- High yield: The ovens remain stable after hours and hours of use, and hundreds of pizzas in a row, while maintaining characteristics and uniformity of cooking - as widely demonstrated by the record in the book of guinness

- The best refractory bricks, to ensure homogeneous cooking for both pizza and bread; heat spreads evenly over a large surface, so as to encourage cooking without burning.

- Special dome in one, compact block: solidity and durability, uniformity of delivery in time, stability even at higher temperatures

- Easy installation, also in places with little space and difficult access – delivered ovens are already assembled

-- Thick and quality insulation, so to avoid overheating to the exterior

Our services:

- Delivery and eventual installation at home

- Technical assistance

- Supply of spare parts and accesorios

Our ovens can also be mounted either on a fixed frame or on iron movable carriers or on other types of support on request.

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